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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – summer. Also known as yacht season, summer is when you get the most out of owning a yacht.

But, it’s also the time of year that you have to put in the most work to maintain your vessel.

What does summertime yacht care entail? Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your yacht looking fresh all summer long.

Perform Regular Inspections

Before you hit the water, you want to be sure your yacht is in excellent shape inside and out. Yachts have numerous systems that need to be operational for performance and safety. We recommend checking it at least once every two weeks.

You should check the motor, pumps, wiring, and the controls. Your fluid levels should be checked at least once each season.

Check your air conditioner, exhaust, and air intake batteries, fuel system, and lubricants. Keep a checklist to help you go through these items during each inspection.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your yacht remains in good shape for years and holds its resale value. Small problems can become much bigger ones if not caught early.

You should wax and repaint as needed. Check at the beginning of each season for paint damage, especially on the bottom of the yacht.

New wax and paint can actually prevent rotting and corrosion, keeping your yacht from deteriorating.

Keep it Clean

Be sure to wash your yacht and clean off the exterior, especially if you notice any stains or bird droppings.

Vacuum dirt that is bulky or loose and pour fresh water over the deck. Metals should be polished. You might consider using yacht detailing services to keep your vessel in perfect shape.

The deck floor should be kept in pristine condition because it’s the first thing you and your guests will see. You can clean your deck with approved cleaners and a bristle brush or leave it to the pros.

Don’t Forget the Bottom

It’s easier to notice issues with the more visible parts of a yacht. But, caring for the bottom is just as important.

The bottom of your vessel should be cleaned frequently during the warmer months. Algae and marine life can stick to the bottom and surface level damage can cause structural issues that eventually affect performance.

Cleaning the bottom of your boat can be difficult to do yourself. We recommend hiring professional yacht care services for this task.

Do You Need Summertime Sarasota Yacht Care?

When it comes to Sarasota yacht care, prevention is worth more than a cure. Regular Sarasota yacht cleaning and proper yacht care can extend the life of your vessel and keep the party going.

But, you don’t have to do it yourself. Let us handle your summertime yacht care so you can spend more time living your best life.

Click here to contact us today and learn more about how we can help protect your investment with yacht detailing in Sarasota.