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According to some research, if you own a yacht, you should set aside $1 million a year for maintenance and fees. However, this will vary depending on your type of boat and how much maintenance you do.

If you want to keep your boat as long as possible, then you should stick to a yacht service checklist.

Thankfully, you came to the right place. Keep reading to discover what type of yacht maintenance you need to do.


You should check your electric yacht systems every few months. Make sure that all the wires are neatly secured and safe.

You’ll also want to fill up the distilled water if you need to. Test the batteries to make sure that they’re working and won’t die while you’re out boating. While you’re checking the batteries, make sure that they’re dry as well.

The wires should also be dry. Make sure that they’re not exposed to any moisture, and the breakers and fuses should be dry as well.

Boat Mechanics

If you want to have a smooth trip, check the basic boat mechanics as well. The engine should be working and be operating at a temperature that isn’t too high.

You should also check for damage to the propeller. If it’s damaged, it could end up destroying other parts of your boat as well.

You should also check the spark plugs, fluid levels, belts, cables, hoses, and fuel lines for any leaks. Lastly, lubricate any fittings that aren’t moving properly.

Check Crew Safety

The crew safety is also important for your yacht. For most yachts, you should check this daily before you take it out. If you don’t take it out often, you should check it monthly.

Daily, you’ll want to ensure that all of the flotation devices are on board and actually working. All of the flares should be onboard as well as a fully stocked first-aid kit. In addition, they should also be within their expiration period.

The fire extinguisher on board should also be within the expiration date. The alarms on the boat should also work, and you should run tests to ensure that they’re working properly in case of an emergency.

Check Hull of Boat

The hull of the boat is important because it’s the most watertight part of the boat. The hull ensures that the boat has structural integrity so that it can float, but it also protects the engines, cargo, and cabin.

Check for any signs of leaks, stressed areas, rust, stringers, or any cracks in the paint.

Discover More Yacht Service Maintenance to Do

These are only a few yacht service maintenance that you want to keep on your checklist.

We know that keeping track of your yacht maintenance schedule can be overwhelming at times, which is why we’re here to help you out.

Contact us today if you’re interested in having a company maintain your yacht for you so that you can go out and enjoy it on the water.