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Did you know that a boat can lose 55% of its value over the first 5 years of ownership? This is a lower depreciation rate than a new car, but it’s still an important factor to keep in mind as a boat owner.

If you want to preserve the value of your boat and keep it looking pristine and ship-shape, you have to carry out timely boat maintenance. And all comprehensive boat maintenance starts with regular cleaning.

Boat servicing and detailing takes cleaning one step further. Boat detailing ensures that your vessel gets shined, buffed, hull-cleaned, de-molded, and more, on a regular basis.

But how regular should this basis be? At what frequency should you get a professional boat detailer in?

Keep reading to find out.

Factors That Influence How Often You Should Get Boat Detailing Done

There’s no way around it, boats have to get cleaned regularly. Accumulated dirt, debris, and salt will speed up deterioration and leave you with a lot of boat maintenance on your hands that you could have avoided with regular boat detailing.

As a general rule of thumb, the more frequently you clean a boat, the better. However, there are a few variables to consider before planning out a regular boat detail schedule.

The first is the climate. The closer you are to the tropics, the faster things like rust and barnacles will develop. Higher temperatures are associated with faster rates of corrosion.

Warm water also encourages more barnacle growth, and proximity to the equator means your boat is subject to stronger sun rays and more UV damage.

If you’re a boat owner in Siesta Key, this means you’ll need to invest in a more regular boat detail program than someone further up north.

If your boat is in salt way conditions, this can also speed up deterioration and increase the need for boat servicing. Saltwater is notoriously hard on boats, and the more frequently you get all that salt off, the better.

Another factor to think about is whether you keep your boat moored or on a trailer. A moored boat will experience more exposure to the elements and more barnacle growth. If you take your boat out of the water, rinse it, and cover it after each trip, this will cut down on cleaning and detailing needs.

The Best Boating Detailing Frequency for Siesta Key: A Monthly to Bi-monthly Servicing Schedule

If you own a boat in Siesta Key that is frequently exposed to salt water, or permanently moored or docked, we’d recommend a monthly boat detailing schedule.

Alternatively, if you don’t take your boat out that frequently, you take it out of the water after most trips, and keep it in a covered shed, then a bi-monthly detailing service should be adequate.

Booking a monthly or bi-monthly detailing service will ensure that your boat stays immaculate and all key areas are attended to, including:

  • Mold hotspots
  • Vinyl components
  • Brightwork
  • Topside waxing
  • Rubrail waxing

If you opt for a Pristine Boat Detailing service, we will also clean all non-skid areas, as well as your engine, interior compartment, hull, and more.

Put Your Boat Cleaning on Autopilot With Professional Boat Servicing and Detailing

Keeping your boat clean and shining is an important part of preventive boat maintenance. However, it takes a lot of time to clean a boat thoroughly. The easiest way to ensure your boat stays pristine without any effort is by scheduling a professional boat detailer to come in and do the work.

If you don’t have the time for more than a general rinse down from time to time, we’re here to help.

Here at Pristine Boat Detailing, keeping boats beautiful and in peak condition is our passion.

Contact us today to discuss your boat servicing needs.