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Did you know that it can cost about 10% of your boat’s value to keep it maintained every year?

One area of expense many boat owners skip is boat detailing. Given how expensive boat maintenance can be, you might be tempted to cut costs on “extras” like detailing.

But, boat cleaning is an integral part of maintaining a vessel, and it can even save on other maintenance costs. This is especially true in tropical areas like Siesta Key where things like mold, barnacles, and rust can set in fast.

Keep reading to find out why Siesta Key boat detailing services can lengthen the lifespan of your vessel and save you on costs.

Regular Buffing and Waxing Can Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Hull’s Gel Coat

In Florida, boat detailing is essential for maintaining the gel coat on your hull. During a comprehensive service, a good boat detailer will buff and wax your hull.

Buffing and waxing boat hulls protects them from the elements. Wax products help to create a protective barrier over the gel coat. If you regularly have your hull waxed during boat cleaning, this can stop the sun and salt from eating into the shiny surface.

Not only does this keep your boat looking ultra smart, but it also helps repel dirt and water droplets, preventing them from drying onto the hull and damaging the gel coat over time.

Regular buffing and waxing can also guard against rust stains and protect your boat from osmosis.

Dirt and Debris Buildup Can Trigger Rust and Corrosion

Dirt and debris buildup can not only damage your gel coat, but it can also trigger rust and corrosion. If dirt builds up around railing stanchions and in hard-to-reach areas like hatch housings and gunnels, these pockets of debris can trap moisture and salt.

If left long enough, this can cause rust to develop. Dirt buildup can also compromise varnished wood trim and stain wooden decking and cleats, as well as halyards, and things like coiled-up painters and docking lines.

Treating rust and corrosion can be a costly repair job. If left too long, you might even need to replace entire stanchion rails, cleats, etc.

Without Regular Boat Cleaning Your Spray Dodger Can Develop Mold

Without regular boat servicing and detailing, there’s also a danger that your spray dodger and any other canvas items may develop mold and mildew. Although you can get these things cleaned by a Siesta Key boat detailing service, if you leave mold for too long it can create stains that are very hard to completely remove from canvas.

Barnacle Buildup Can Be a Speed Killer

Another reason why it’s important to have regular boat cleaning and detailing done in Florida is to ensure that your boat is free of barnacles.

Barnacles grow particularly quickly in warm, tropical areas like Siesta Key. Even if you try to take your boat out of the water when you’re not using it, barnacles will still develop over time.

Not only will barnacles make your boat look uncared for, but they can also damage your antifouling if left to grow big enough, and they can drive up fuel consumption and reduce your boat’s performance in the water.

According to estimates, barnacle growth can steal up to 60% of your boat’s speed.

Are You in Need of a Siesta Key Boat Detailing Service?

Do you want to cut down on boat repairs, and the hefty price tag that goes with them? Boat detailing can not only keep your vessel looking beautiful, but it can also ward off many neglect-related maintenance issues.

If you don’t have the time in your schedule to personally carry out boat cleaning, our Siesta Key boat detailing service is here to help.

With Pristine Boat Detailing, you can choose between an array of wash packages and detailing options.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. Whether you want a once-off wash or a regular waxing plan, we’re committed to providing outstanding service.