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Recent statistics reveal that 140 million people globally actively take part in boating and water sports. People love interacting with the open waters, but it is not enough to have a love for boating.

For maintenance, safety, appearance, keeping value, and more, owning a boat means working with professional boat cleaners. Without a good boat washing occasionally, your time at sea can prove detrimental, and here is why.

Keep Your Boat’s Value

The same way a car loses value as soon as you drive it home, it is the same way for a boat. Recent statistics suggest you can anticipate a boat will lose 10 to 15% of its value in its first year of sailing. By the fifth year, you can expect to lose 20 to 50% of its value, and then by ten years, 30 to 40% of its value.

Time never stops and if you are enjoying your time in the water with your boat, you cannot prevent loss of value unless you choose to take great care of your boat. The best way to counteract wear and tear that builds up over time is to work with a boat detailer. A professional boat cleaning will assist you in preserving your boat’s resale value.

Maintain its Sparkle

You cut your grass around your home and water your garden to keep the area around your home looking beautiful. If your siding is losing color or has holes, you replace it. Do you really want to be that house on the block that looks like you don’t care about it?

What if you took your car has dust on it or salt from the winter? You go to the car wash.

It is the same thing at the marina. You take pride in a nice-looking boat because you don’t want to be the “ugly” one parked over there.

A boat cleaning service does more than some wax and a brief wash. They get into your boat’s crevasses that may be easily overlooked on your own.

You won’t be the ugly boat; you will have the boat that everyone envies.

Discover Small Problems

If you are not careful, there could be something wrong with your boat that you cannot see. If you cannot see it, you will not fix it, and then you may end up with a much bigger issue.

Boats are complex vehicles. You need a fresh perspective from a professional to help you. Boat cleaners can identify minor problems and bring them to your attention.

Not only can it become costly if you do not catch it early, but you can end up with a major safety hazard too.

Professional Boat Cleaners in Sarasota

If you are in need of boat servicing around Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Lido Beach, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and the Sarasota area, contact Pristine Boat Detailing.

We know how much you enjoy the time on your boat. There, you make memories that last you a lifetime. Our boat cleaners take pride and work in great detail to ensure that your investment keeps giving you the same enjoyment year after year.

Contact us today to schedule your boat detailing.