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Did you know that there are more than 14 million boat owners in the United States alone? Having a boat can be very enjoyable and adventurous, but there are also a few responsibilities you will need to face when owning a boat. For example, you will need to consider boat waxing.

What is the point of boat waxing, you might ask? Is it worth waxing your boat or is it just a waste of money? Keep reading and learn more about what waxing a boat does and why it’s so important.

What You Need To Know About Boat Waxing

The most important benefit of boat wax is that it functions to protect the exterior of your boat. But doesn’t the existing exterior layer of your boat already protect the boat enough? Not necessarily.

While it is true that a boat’s exterior is already quite durable, it certainly isn’t invisible. After some time, various things will start to wear down the exterior of your boat. For example, algae might start to grow on it and it may start to sustain light (or deep) scratches from vegetation and rocks in the water.

The sun is also a big factor that can wear down the exterior of your boat. The sun’s UV rays are known to be harmful to a variety of things, including the paint and coating on your boat. If your boat is often in the sun without any protection, you will find that the sun will slowly start to strip the paint off your boat.

The paint will not only start to fade but it will start to chip and peel as well. Once this happens, it is very hard to repair the paint, and often, it is necessary to strip all the paint off and start from scratch. This, of course, will not only cost you a lot of money but will also waste a lot of your time as well.

The Details

Fortunately, you can avoid most of these problems if you decide to wax your boat. But how can waxing your boat be so beneficial? Of course, boat wax isn’t a magic substance that will protect your boat from everything, but it certainly will provide an extra (and much-needed) layer of protection.

The main benefit of this kind of boat protection is that it provides a physical layer between the exterior of your boat and various external factors. This is important because, without any protection at all, the exterior of your boat will start to oxidize. Oxidation involves the fading of your boat’s exterior and it is caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

Excessive oxidation will make your boat look much older than it really is and, in general, it won’t look very good. Reversing oxidation is also a real pain and it can cost a lot of money. Simply by covering your boat with wax, you won’t have to worry about oxidation hardly at all.

Besides protecting against oxidation, adding a layer of wax to your boat can protect it in a variety of other ways.

The Other Benefits of Boat Waxing

Another big benefit of waxing your boat is that it will immediately make your boat look ten times more stylish. This is because it will make your boat’s exterior look super shiny. A variety of things can make your boat look dull and colorless.

Oxidation, as mentioned before, is a big one. However, general age and wear and tear (and dirt, of course) can all contribute to your boat looking not so great. This is certainly not what you want, especially if your boat has some great colors to show off.

Fortunately, you can fix the problem with a bit of boat cleaning and waxing. Cleaning your boat will remove all the debris that might be stuck to the outside, but it won’t make it any shinier. For that, you will need to apply a fresh layer of wax.

What You Need to Know

Not only will the wax protect your boat from oxidation but it will make the boat’s paint shine in a much richer and deeper light. This is not to mention that the gloss of the boat’s exterior will be shinier than ever. Yet another benefit of waxing your boat is that it will make it much easier to clean.

Sometimes, it can be difficult removing debris like algae and grime from the exterior of your boat. However, a layer of wax between the elements and your boat’s paint will keep this from happening. It will be much harder for debris to stick to your boat when there is a fresh layer of wax on it.

Besides that, if anything does manage to stick to your boat, you’ll only need to spray or wipe down your boat without much effort to get it as good as new again. The final benefit is that waxing your boat can actually improve its performance.

This is because the boat will be so slick and smooth that there will be little to no drag once it travels through the water. What else could you ask for?

All About Boat Waxing

Boat waxing is something that can benefit your boat in a variety of ways. For one, waxing will protect your boat against the sun’s UV rays and the dangers of oxidation. That way, you can make sure that your boat’s exterior stays looking as good as the day you bought it. Waxing your boat can also make it easier to clean.

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