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Are you one of the 12% of Americans who own a recreational boat? While these might not all be yachts, they all have one thing in common; they want to ensure that their boats remain in pristine condition.

So, do you know which is the best method to do this and for ensuring your yacht has a long life with minimal wear and tear?

This article will detail for you why a ceramic coating on your yacht is the best choice for protecting your pride and joy. These coatings seal your yacht with a second layer of skin, giving it a hard layer of strong protection. So, read on to learn why you should invest in this exterior detailing method.

Protection From Physical Damage

Accidents happen. At some point in your yacht’s life, you might scrape the dock, or another ship might bump into you a little. If this happens, you want to know that the smallest knock will not cause a long scratch.

Ceramic coatings cure very hard. This allows them to act as barriers against many small impacts that might happen. Of course, there is a limit to what they can protect from, but they should be able to prevent most minor scratches.

This is also true for many other sources of damage, such as the elements. Small hailstones, blown sand spray, and other natural occurrences are likely to bounce off without causing harm. You no longer need to fret if you leave the cover off of the boat for a short time.

If you need to hire a boat-cleaning service for any reason, there is a danger of their detergents harming your paint. If you use a ceramic coating, though, you do not need to worry about this. Any dirt or grime will instead build up on the ceramic coating, which you can then clean off without difficulty.

UV Protection

While it is valid to worry about physical knocks to your boat, you might also need to worry about the damage that the sun’s rays might cause. Over time, they can start to break down the pigments in your yacht’s decorative paint. Left untreated, your boat’s surface will start to become chalky and the paint will dull.

If you leave your yacht facing in one direction most of the time, this will be even more obvious. This is because the side that faces the sun will receive the majority of the damage, leaving you with two sides in different colors.

While a ceramic coating is transparent, it does not allow UV light through. This prevents the sun’s radiation from impacting the yacht’s paint. Your ship will stay vibrant for longer and you will not need to paint it as often.

Prevents Corrosion

One of the main long-term dangers for yachts is the natural corrosion of the hull. A ceramic coating for boats also gives protection from the water and air itself. Because of this, you will not need to put your boat in as often for hull maintenance, saving you money.

Faster and Easier Maintenance

Yacht cleaning and repainting can be expensive and take a long time. If you coat your boat’s hull in a ceramic layer, though, your yacht will not take as much damage from all the above sources. This means that when you put it in for maintenance, many of the steps will no longer be necessary.

The boat coating will need cleaning, as water-based grime will still build up on the ceramic, like on any surface. Although, this will come off without difficulty. The paint will not need a retouch, because the ceramic prevents it from receiving harm.

High Speed and Low Drag

Adding a coating of ceramic to the yacht means the outside surface of your ship will not be the rough paint that you find on many boats. Ceramic coatings are instead very smooth and will allow the water to glide past the yacht much easier.

This smooth ride means that you will lower your ship’s drag, allowing you to reach much higher speeds than before. You can also reach those speeds faster and be able to maintain them with less work from your engine.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

With the lower drag, as mentioned above, there is a secondary benefit. The ease of gliding through the water caused by the yacht coating will mean that the ship uses much less fuel than before. You can save money on your ship’s running costs by ensuring that it traverses the waves with the least resistance.

Long-Lasting Finish

There are many other treatments available for yachts. These include epoxy resins and laminates. While these can be effective, they do not last nearly as long as a ceramic coating.

So long as you ensure that your ship receives regular maintenance to check for wear and tear, you should find that such a coating lasts a long time. It will be effective for between one and two years even with regular use of the ship.

Environmentally-Conscious Boating

As you will have a longer-lasting paint job on your yacht, and use softer chemicals to clean it, you have a secondary benefit. This reduction in manmade compounds will mean much less danger of harm coming to the local wildlife.

If you are planning on boating in a small lake, this is even more important as the water will not disperse as fast as in the ocean. Thus, you will want to ensure that you keep the area as clean as you can.

Get a Ceramic Coating for Your Yacht

With a ceramic coating, you will not only save money but ensure that every part of your yacht’s surface looks beautiful for much longer. For yacht lovers, this can mean a great deal as your precious ship has that “as-new” look for longer.

If you want to get the best deal on ceramic coatings, you can always give us a call. Our detailing and boat cleaning specialists can talk to you about our process and help you choose options that work for you. So, give us a call today and learn more about what we can do.